Observe Don't Absorb: A Guide to Mindful Living

A Guide to Mindful Living" discusses the importance of observation for developing a more mindful lifestyle. By observing our thoughts, emotions, and the media we consume without judgment or absorption, we can reduce stress, improve our mental health, and gain control over our minds. The article provides practical tips on practising observation and mindfulness in our daily lives and includes hashtags such as #mindfulness, #selfcare, and #personaldevelopment.


Varsha Gehlot

4/28/20231 min read

Living in today's world, we are constantly bombarded with information from all directions. With the advent of social media, the news cycle, and other sources of information, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. We often take in everything around us without realising its impact on our mental health. But we do not have to permit this to control us. By practising the principle of "observe, don't absorb," we can gain control of our minds and live a more mindful life.

Observation is a skill that can be learned and developed with practice. It's watching and noticing what's happening around you without getting emotionally involved. When we observe, we're not judging or analysing what we see; we're simply acknowledging it. This differs from absorbing when we internalise what's happening around us.

To put this into practice, start by paying attention to your thoughts and emotions as you go about your day. When you notice a thought or feeling, please feel free to step back and observe it without judgment. Don't try to change it or analyse it; notice it. This simple observation can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings and give you the power to control them.

Another way to practice observation is to be mindful of your media. Limit exposure to negative news stories and social media posts that may trigger anxiety or stress. Instead, focus on content that uplifts and inspires you. When you do encounter negative content, observe it without absorbing it. Acknowledge the information, but don't let it affect your mood or mental state.

Practising observation can profoundly impact your mental health and overall well-being. Observing rather than absorbing can reduce stress, anxiety, and negative thinking patterns. You'll gain control over your mind and emotions and become more resilient in adversity.

In conclusion, living a mindful life is all about observation. By practising the principle of "observe, don't absorb," you can gain control of your thoughts and emotions, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being. With practice, you'll become more mindful and better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. So, start observing today and live a more mindful life!

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